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FROM THE FIELD: The pollution challenge facing the ‘Dragon’s Jewels’ of Viet Nam

A community-led project to manage some 28,000 tonnes of plastic waste and prevent 5,000 tonnes from ending up in the ocean is being supported by the UN in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Viet Nam.

People are increasingly involved in plastic waste management at a community level in Viet Nam. UNDP GEF

The waste in Ha Long Bay, an area which is known as the Dragon’s Jewels, is generated mainly by the local tourism and fishing industries.

So far, 1000 tonnes of plastic waste have been properly separated, and 150 tonnes collected by freelance waste workers as part of a Global Environment Fund project, which is implemented by the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

“Previously, we didn’t know how to separate the waste, how to compost or why we need to reduce plastic”, says farmer Đinh Thị Luyến. “We have been provided with material and equipment; we are so thankful.”

You can find out more about Ha Long’s plastic waste challenge, and how it is being tackled by the local community, here.


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